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Surgical Care

Our goal is to prevent dental problems and preserve natural tooth structure whenever possible. When tooth decay or infection occur, we take the most conservative approach to restore your teeth to a healthy condition.

Sometimes surgical dental procedures and tooth extractions are necessary to treat dental problems and eliminate infection. Common types of oral surgery include:

Tooth Extraction

When the nerve of a tooth has become infected and the tooth structure cannot be restored with a root canal and crown, it may be necessary to remove the tooth. In most cases, when a tooth is removed, it will need to be replaced with a dental implant, bridge or removable denture to regain lost function.

Tooth extractions can be often performed with local anesthetic in a short appointment. Our Dentists may also prescribe antibiotics and other medications to help relieve any soreness while the mouth heals.

Third Molar (Wisdom Teeth) Extraction

Most patients do not have enough room in their mouth to retain third molars, or “wisdom teeth”, which typically erupt during the late teenage years. They are also extremely difficult to keep clean, making them a problematic source of tooth decay, abscesses and pain.

Dr. Ben Martin has completed advanced training in surgical extraction of third molars, as well as IV sedation dentistry. Following a consultation and complete examination with necessary x-rays, he will talk with you about sedation options and what to expect on the day of surgery.

If you have questions about dental surgical procedures, or have dental problems, we can assist you with solutions to restore your smile. Contact Us to schedule a complete dental examination and consultation.