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Users of the Mundy Mill Dental, PC web site are subject to the following terms and conditions in addition to terms and conditions posted elsewhere on this site:

The Mundy Mill Dental, PC website is a dynamic website, and changes are made on an ongoing basis. The Mundy Mill Dental, PC website is intended for general information only. The material contained within is not offered as professional or dental advice. Users need to seek individual attention by licensed professionals for such service.

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Mundy Mill Dental, PC does not necessarily endorse resources that appear on the Mundy Mill Dental, PC website, and makes no representation or warranties about the products, services provided or results achieved.

By linking to other web sites, Mundy Mill Dental, PC does not endorse business practices on those sites; nor does Mundy Mill Dental, PC make any representations or warranties with respect to accuracy of any items or claims therein.

We reserve the right to changes these terms and conditions at any time without notice.

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